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Infor Business Intelligence Birst

Embedded business intelligence (BI) solutions empower companies to seamlessly integrate analytic tools within everyday business applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), and payroll systems. This connection allows users to harness valuable, and often latent, data assets that can improve the overall accuracy and action-ability of business decisions.

Benefits of Networked BI:

With Networked BI, you can create a single, repeatable system that is constantly delivering reliable and up-todate information to your users. As a result, customers will use your application more often and more effectively,and gain value from both the information you are exposing through analytics and the information they can blend-in to add context and personalization.

  • Accelerate your development, product iteration, and release maintenance cycles
  • Rapidly roll out analytics to your customers, both for standard as well as customized deployments
  • Empower your customers to personalize analytics by blending their data with your application data
  • Differentiate your products and create pricing tiers by co-hosting different data sets for different user groups
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