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Engineering Change Management


TriMin’s ECR/ECN Solution provides a structured way to capture initial Engineering Change Requests (ECR) from any source, including quality, shop floor, customer, and engineering. ECR/ECN Solution helps manage these changes through the review and approval cycle into an ECN. You can customize work flows to support your processes, and use this tool to alert and notify each area, as well as track changes through the review cycle.

Built using the Infor Development Framework (IDF), this solution works hand-in-hand with EPDM, and your other ERP data (inventory, orders, etc.) to support most activity around ECN/ECR including sign-off, approval, containment, and disposition. It also can be customized using the IDF Technology stack to suit any unique requirements you may have. This product can be extended in Net Link and the new Ming.le foundation workflow as well.

Business Needs:

  • Flexible workflow for processing Engineering Changes (ECR/ECN) or New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Control the sign-off process and assign tasks throughout the change process
  • Assign resources to each request and manage throughout the life cycle of ECR/ECN
  • Visibility to inventory and orders that are affected by a change
  • Handle containment of orders and inventory during the process and disposition of same
  • Collect metrics on timelines for review/approval
  • Proactive alerts in the form of e-mails to teams or individuals
  • Assists with actual changes to EPDM bills and routings through one easy-access work bench
Screen shot of ECR queue and template to start data entry

List view of ECR queue and template to start data entry.


  • Visibility to all departments of products/orders impacted by a change
  • Provide a structured process to manage all your change requests from any source (customer driven, shop floor, manufacturing engineering, and more)
  • Flexible workflow to match your needs
  • Historical database of past changes so that someone in item revision can see all changes and drill down
  • Assign tasks to resources to support change and identify what steps need to be done
Screen shot one showing miletsones and sign-off from ECR through ECN Screen shot two showing miletsones and sign-off from ECR through ECN

Work flow showing milestones and sign-off from ECR through ECN.

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  • Comprehensive solution to record ECR through many sources
  • Build custom work flows tailored to your department needs
  • Has active alerts and notifications
  • Provided a great audit trail and historical record of all changes

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