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Indented Bill of Material (BOM) Review Tool - iBOM


Our “BOM Tool” provides an easier way to analyze a products’ indented bill and routing operations and facilities. This solution provides a better visual representation of the indented structure, and also blends in item warehouse information from one or many warehouses. This provides a tool that can be used by costing, engineering, planning, procurement and even shop floor execution to see a quick view of the product and components. Information from the routings is also reviewed and summarized by facility so that you can easily review labor and set up content in complex products.

By “flattening” the bill it can also be integrated easier and filtered. The solution interfaces well into Item Revision, MRP Planning Screens and other areas to provide a “quick view” of the indented bill. It also has features to compare two fills, along with a sorted summarized view. This tool can be harnessed in many areas to preserve an “as built” BOM, or intregrate product costing after an item has shipped.

Business Needs:

  • Aide manufacturing and engineering with component material, labor analysis and accuracy
  • Allows you to store a static bill for comparison later
  • Enhanced cost analysis tools for indented structures to provide labor, raw material, purchased material and other cost analysis information
  • Simple method to integrate inventory information within a product structure so that it can be used in shortage planning and visibility as well as assist with lead-time calculations
Screen shot of Bill of material overview

Summarize labor and setup hours by facility for the entire indented BOM.


  • Engineering, Design & Manufacturing: a better tool to review and extract a BOM for comparison, auditing structure and export to Excel
  • Finance & Costing: Run more dynamic current and standard comparisons and quote exercises or review cost content
  • Planning: Planners use this tool to review shortages, look at inventory and other areas on a bill for a product
  • Shop floor execution: Allows integration of entire bill quickly
  • Service Part Management: Provide quick view of all service items related to a product or equipment sold
  • Integrates with XA but typically becomes the go-to tool to review a flattened bill
Screen shot of bill flattner summary

This view shows a flattened bill that can include information from item, extended files or item warehouse.

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  • Creates simple flattened bill quickly
  • Integrates with EPDM well
  • Summarizes routing hours for entire structure
  • Can be leveraged to help with costing and margin reviews

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